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Whatever you thought about 2017, it was a reminder to focus on what we can control, to be as good as we can to the people around us and at what we do. 2017 also reminded me of something I knew well when I founded One to One Box, which is that given all the very good video production companies already out there, we needed to offer something new and different. Having worked at the forefront of the movie industry, I saw an opportunity to help businesses make the most of the web’s potential to create unforgettable connections through video and other media. This is where I started.

During that time I was also working as editorial director for the Facebook marketing platform Involver (now part of Oracle), and as editor of Nokia's IdeasProject, a website celebrating innovation and big thinkers that I helped launch and provided video, media, written and social media content for. I was used to 80-hour weeks from the film business and did not want to miss the opportunities these positions presented. Being steeped in all that media informed my aspirations for One to One Box, though for many of our clients, a high quality video was all they seemed to need.  

In 2018 I believe businesses are ready for the kind of multimedia approach I initially envisioned. And yet there is no set template for how to scope that work. Beyond just video production, time needs to be mapped to anticipate user experience and arrive at a combination of video formats, supporting media and deployment to suit business objectives. As good as a video might be, I firmly believe that unless it’s the right thing at the right time with the right amount of the right information it’s the wrong way to spend your money. A well-produced video can be awesome, but it needs to be supported with a plan for distribution to ensure the right people see it, in the right context, and in the numbers you want. In 2018 I intend to have more of those conversations so I can be sure that the work we do provides the maximum benefit.

Integrated Educational Video Media