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Up at Dawn

This year has been full of so many exciting adventures and we have been so blessed to do inspiring work on behalf of so many great companies. We welcome and appreciate every opportunity to use video to deliver your message in the most powerful way possible. Today we spotlight an up-and-coming company that is truly passionate about their product.

La Terra Fina offers a tantalizing selection of all natural, gourmet quiches and dips. They have a strong focus on the quality of the ingredients that goes into their products. The company is looking to bring out more products some new organic items in the coming year! We are working with them on a five-part video series that features a company overview, a music montage, and product demos.

one to one box

For their videos, we have used a cost-effective approach of doing a single-day shoot then using the pieces to construct videos that focus on brand strategy, marketing, employees, customers and products. As filmmakers, we are well aware of the virtues of a large shooting ratio. 20-1, 50-1, or even 200-1, are not uncommon as ratios of footage shot to footage used. But web video offers the opportunity to be more effective with our time, and while we still end up shooting much more than we use, our “whole animal approach” finds additional uses for interview, b roll, product demo and process footage to bring down our cost-per-video by as much as 75%.

Our day at La Terra Fina began at the crack of dawn, with one camera capturing a time-lapse of the sun rising over their plant, while another followed the hard-working “Terra Fineans” through the different aspects that go in to making their products and what makes their company unique.

We interviewed employees, directed food demos (and even participated in some, yum!), and brought this huge compilation of footage back to our studio to tag, review, and edit. With so many different videos to come from this footage, organization is critical, but the results have been very rewarding. Our “whole animal” approach allows us to use valuable footage that would normally be left on the cutting room floor.   

one to one box

Each project brings different faces and personalities to the mix. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Brand Development Director Stephanie Robbins and President Peter Molloy while producing this video series. There is definitely a strong bond and passion in this company. They believe in their product and care deeply about the people they work with.

One of the things we love best about working with different types of companies is the way each tests our abilities and expands our expertise. We relish the opportunity to learn industry jargon, share company goals, and become part of the team as we help them in their effort to bring good things to the world.  

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