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Co-producer credit

One of the fun things our clients get to do when they work with us is play producer. But of course it's not really play at all. It's the same work they do every day as entrepreneurs and marketing executives; planning, budgeting, hiring, execution. In fact, the collaborations we undertake with our clients have become intrinsic to our videos' success. And when our-partners take on another role familiar to followers of the film business, that of distributor, they're setting themselves up to get the most from video's potential to catalyze blogs, newsletters, social media, and above all sales. No one does this better than Kristan Kirsh, who directs Marketing Communications at Energy Recovery. Her latest campaign, launched this week, integrates a video we repurposed with new interview footage, revised statistics, and a new animation by Hurddesigns demonstrating the tremendous value of Energy Recovery's energy-saving technologies for the oil and gas industries.

Integrated Educational Video Media