Does length matter?

When discussing a video project, sometimes the conversation will turn to length. How long should it be? How will that impact cost? Yes, length does matter insofar as there is an optimal one for every video, but beyond making a rough estimate in order to determine the scope of a project, it can be counterproductive to try and predetermine the exact length, unless there's a compelling reason to do so. The beauty of online video is that we are no longer constrained by the 30 or 60-second window of a television commercial, where every second can be costly and timings come down to the frame. When working online, we prefer to let the material dictate how long it "wants to be." This allows us to optimize the length of each shot based on its intrinsic value and the information conveyed, rather than having to conform it to a specified length. Feature films enjoy this freedom, so why not short videos. Our notion of time also changes when watching a video online. An engrossing and well-produced video that's three minutes long can go by quickly, whereas a badly edited video of 90 seconds can feel like its stretching forever.

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