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Welcome to "Why Stuff Is!"

Welcome to “Why Stuff Is!” a new weekly video series from One to One Box exploring the oddities of urban life, starring award-winning Bay Area comic Alicia Dattner.

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         Mouse over and click to watch Episode 1 - The Ugly Treeling

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You may be asking yourself, why is One to One Box launching a video series? The quick answer is: because we can. And that's actually more significant than it sounds. Aside from the pure joy of doing something we love, and the opportunity to work with amazing Bay Area comic Alicia Dattner, “Why Stuff Is” showcases two key values that define us:

    • Nimble video production skills.

    • A talent for finding the best in real people.

That nimbleness (nimbosity? nimbiosis?) is also function of advances in video technology and how simple it now is for a company to say “I want to launch a video series” and be live with it in a matter of days. In a single video shoot, we managed to get six episodes in the can. Editing music, graphics, titles...well, that takes a bit longer, but still.

The really fun part is the people. On our set, the performers show up exactly on time and do their lines with complete conviction. In just six hours, we recorded over than fifty people, and an incredibly diverse range at that; experts on dog-rearing; food professionals; coffee aficionados; cyclists, and more. People traveled from as far away as Brooklyn, Spain and Australia just to speak to us.

How do you manage to schedule something like that? The beautiful thing is, you don’t. Just step out the door with your video camera and a few silly questions and you’re golden.

That’s the basic premise of “Why Stuff is!” It’s the show where we rely on you to find out.

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