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Tell & Show

We can't show you all of the videos we've worked on this year (as many are either internal-only campaigns or not as yet released), but we can tell you about them. Since January, we've produced videos for Genentech and Salesforce (via Bonfire Communications), and multiple videos for PerforceForwardPush MediaRolling Hills Pediatric Dentistry, and BIA For AutismWe also have projects in the works for two new clients!

In addition, over the past two years, we've been working closely with a team from Digital Workshop and Runyon, Saltzman & Einhorn on a series of videos for the California Department of Public Health to promote, celebrate and re-introduce the CalFresh program. If that's not confusing enough, let me add that CalFresh is the new name for the program formerly known as food stamps...yes, just like Prince.

CalFresh Outreach Video

The confusion and controversy around food stamps is one of the reasons we were asked to make these videos, and I'm extremely proud of the result. Instead of a series of training videos, we recommended a more narrative approach, and captured the amazing stories of people who often very reluctantly find themselves in a situation where they need food. The video is also designed to showcase the inspiring work of the people who administer the CalFresh program.

Calfresh, like many of our videos, weaves together a series of narratives to support and underscore our client's mission and message. One to One Box videos are built from those kinds of mini-narratives, from the stories being told by people on camera to the B-roll footage we use to underscore those points; from the way a person walks across the screen, bounces a ball, or moves their arm, to the precise frame in which a shot begins or ends. By paying close attention to these elements, we can ensure that your message conveyed on a deeper level and that the video is also great to watch.

Integrated Educational Video Media