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Video on LinkedIn

The idea is so basic and obvious, I barely need to blog about it. Just repeat after me, "Video on LinkedIn, Video on LinkedIn, Video on LinkedIn," like a mantra. It really works! Since I started saying this, LinkedIn has made it simpler for individuals to add video to their profiles. Uploads are limited to 100mb and do not include actual video files, but you can now embed a video in your LinkedIn profile from YouTube or Vimeo.*

Your Video on LinkedIn

So let’s talk about how this can work for you. Just imagine, someone opens your LinkedIn profile and instead of a photo in the upper left, it’s a video. They click and get a 60-second clip that demonstrates in no uncertain terms that you are the one to get the job done.

You support this with your experience, education and recommendations, but it’s the video that leaves the indelible impression. You have a huge advantage over your competition at first because no one else is using video, but even when it becomes the standard on LinkedIn (and it will) your advantage is derived from video's unique ability to convey what makes you great!

Your video is as succinct and polished as the resume it’s embedded in. What's that? You say you do not possess the expertise to create such a video nor the on-camera presence? Nonsense. As long as you've got expertise in your field and the ability to convince others of the value of your beliefs then there's a great video waiting to happen. At One to One Box, we can help you take advantage of powerful tools like LinkedIn with a video that sets you apart, regardless of your ability as an on-camera presenter. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about LinkedIn video profiles for you or your business.

* Note: LinkedIn does not yet allow the video to be placed where the photo is now (it goes just below your summary) but don’t worry, I’ve mentioned this to them and I’m already starting to chant it, so it will be there soon.

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