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Most Valuable Players

One of the great pleasures of filmmaking is the ability to work collaboratively. And there is nothing better than evolving an idea then watching individual members bring it to life. Such was the case with our ON THE SPOT video program, as everyone from marketing and sales to interns took to the streets to wrangle entrepreneurs with visions of video glory.

Omeed Manocheri began with One to One Box as an intern, but very rapidly added the roles of documentarian and sales rep to his repertoire. If you’ve seen the product demo video for the Line 6 Guitar Port, you’ll know that he’s a natural presenter.

For our One to One Box documentary, we put Omeed in the triple role of director, salesman, and man-on-the-street reporter. He nailed all three, with some help from his posse – Evan “Pickles” Smith on camera and Sean Foxx as production assistant. Omeed’s mini-doc puts you on the front lines of our efforts to show entrepreneurs the power of online video, offers street-level insights about online video and speaks volumes about our offering.

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